Why Do They Insist on Cramming Law Down Our Throats?

To use the law to intimidate, shame, or drive fear into the hearts of other believers is to do great harm to the body of Christ. Yet we see it all the time – not only from pulpits, but we do it with each other, too.


Two reasons I can think of.

Because you have to really believe that you are free in order to allow others to be free. And in order to really believe that you are free you have to believe in radical grace. And in order to believe in radical grace, you have to believe you are a radical sinner. And therein is one of the problems. Most of us (including those in pulpit’s) don’t truly understand how bad our badness really is.

If our sin was minor, God would have sent a teaching CD or a book rather than His Son.

The other reason people insist on using the law as a weapon is summed up in one word: CONTROL. This needs no explanation except to say that contrary to what I said above, maybe some really do see how bad they are and so they use other’s sin against themselves to take the spotlight off their own.

Either way, as I have said elsewhere on this blog: don’t let them do that to you.

Questions: Who is manipulating you with the law? What do you intend to do about it?

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