Who Am I, Why Am I Here

Those old enough to remember Ross Perot’s presidential campaign remember his Vice Presidential pick opened a debate with “Who am I? Why am I here?”

Do you sometimes wonder why you are here? I do.

There are several reasons for this in my case.

At work I am a cog in a huge wheel in a multi-national country that is so large it fits the Tommy Lee Jones comment in the fugitive: “that company is a monster!”

As well, I seem to make no difference in the lives of others, mainly because my job consumes so much of my time that I have very little left over to spend outside work pursuing any relationships. My wife is in the same boat by the way.

Most my time is spent sleeping, walking on a treadmill, working, eating and then sleeping again. When I finish at work I am sometimes so beat up that I haven’t the energy to do much of anything. Blogging here is a miracle actually when you consider my time and energy demands.

So I have often prayed out loud, “God either take me home, or give me something with some meaning to do while I am here!”

Here’s what I’ve discovered after the jump

Sometimes to we don’t see things that are right in front of our faces.

  • My wife frequently tells me the difference I’ve made in her life.
  • My nephews are always asking to get together and do something.
  • My sister has had diabetes since she was 15 years old and had a bypass a couple years ago and needed help and a place to stay for a bit so she wouldn’t be alone.
  • My employees frequently have told me that I am a good manager and they like me.

Seems there really are people depending on me.

Now, I know that God doesn’t need me. He’s God after all and He doesn’t need anyone. He merely loves us and uses us. From God’s perspective we are here for them – for those who do not believe. My friend Steve Brown has often said, “for every pagan who gets cancer, there is a Christian who does so that the world can see the difference”.

So while I still don’t enjoy being and doing what I am, God has seen fit to leave me around here a while longer.

To make a difference.

And sometimes, making a difference just means getting out of bed in the morning and doing it all over again one more time.

Question: What is your purpose for being here? When you feel like you have none what do you do?

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