Vacation Winding Down

I’ve been on vacation this week and it has been wonderful. I’ve used the time to get some much needed rest (we didn’t go anywhere), do some long put off reading, and take in a few movies.

Since it is now Friday, I am already thinking about going back on Monday.

Here is a list of things that have been running through my head today:

  • Performance of my employees.  Today I had to get online a bit and work on mid-year reviews. This is in order to be able to finish by the due date. I have a lot of people and trying to do them all justice requires a lot of hard work in preparation.
  • Mid-year changes I want to make. While spending time getting my head out of the office this week, I did spend just a bit of time thinking about how things have been going so far this year and trying to determine some mid-year course corrections I wish to make.
  • How you never can quite get away. I am in a job where there is no such thing as totally unplugging from work. Yes, I was able to keep from reading email for the most part, answered no voice mails, and received no middle of the night calls. But I am already thinking of the consequences of those things in terms of the thousands (yes, I said thousands) of emails I will have on Monday, the things I missed that won’t be repeated (things that happened in meetings, for example), and the extra hours I will have to spend over the next two to three weeks to “pay for” taking this week off.

I had debated about taking the time this week because I know what an uphill battle it will be getting back to work with all the catch-up that I will need to do.

However, our bodies, minds and souls require rest. Especially if you don’t do such a good job of Sabbath rest (like me). So even though I will pay a price next week, I believe the time off is worth taking. There are so many people I work with that do not take all their vacation time. I keep thinking that they are either going to keel over dead one day from exhaustion, or that they cannot possibly have a life. Who knows?

Jesus said “come unto me and I will give you rest” and though he was mainly referring to rest from the legal demands of the law, there is a sense that knowing that He is in control gives one rest in the sense we’d refer to rest today. I know that I will pay for taking this week off not just in terms of extra work, but also in anguish I always get at work from the stress.

But right now, I am not worried about it.

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