The Drudgery of Life

Let’s face it life on this planet can sometimes be pure drudgery. Many of the things that we do each and every day are repeats of same or similar things that we did yesterday and the day before. Most of us really do live lives of quiet desperation. I don’t mean desperation in that there is no hope (more on that in a minute).

What I do mean is desperation in that we do things that many times don’t seem to add up as far as making any impact on the world we live in. After all, even famous people who do great big things see those things result from many little things that don’t seem to make much of a difference until they were some together and the end result is seen.

I work from home. Most of my day is spent on teleconferences in meetings. When I’m not doing that I’m monitoring the workload of my team or completing administrative work that my company seems to need in order to keep functioning. Most of the time the things that I mess with appear to have no real purpose. And most of the time I’m not given their purpose if they have one. All that usually happens is something is needed and it’s needed quickly by someone for some reason. And there is no time to really discuss why it’s needed because it’s already due by the time we get the assignment.

Most of my day’s are also spent eating sitting in my office, walking some on my treadmill desk, then going up stairs exhausted to eat dinner to lie down and read a bit and then fall asleep. The next day repeats itself. So it really does seem and feel like desperation.

I wish I could say that Jesus makes all the difference and that in spite of my life repeating over and over and over again (or so it seems) that I’m getting better and better in every way, every day. But that just isn’t the case.

As a matter of fact most of our progress is so slow that we barely notice it. Even the times that it appears that we make significant progress it isn’t always the case.

For example, I have been on a diet for about six weeks. During that time I’ve lost about two pounds a week. That said, from day to day I’ve seen wild fluctuations. One day I actually lost over 5 pounds. So if you looked at it on a chart and you placed dots across the chart where my weight is they would be up and down, up and down. However if you drew a line through those dots you would see about two pounds a week. So even when it seemed I was making great progress it really was no more than putting one step in front of the other all along.

I guess I’m writing this to let you know that if this even remotely sounds like your experience, you are not alone.

Sometimes making a difference is no more than getting up in the morning and doing it again. Putting one foot in front of the other and trying hard not to screw it up too bad before you get in the bed again at night.

And I guess what I’m also saying is that this kind of existence (being faithful to where you been called even if it is boring as all get out), is something that honors God. There are so many things I wish I had done or I had planned to do at this point in my life that never came about. But rather than regret I am trying to live each day faithful to where I’ve been called just slugging it out and trusting God will honor.

I’d suggest you do the same.

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  • Good advice.

    Slug it out and trust that God is in it…and will make use of it all. Our victories…and our losses.

    Thank you.