Lessons from a Water Walk

Almost everyone is familiar with the story in Matthew 14:22-32 of Jesus walking on the water.

Here are some valuable lessons I’ve found from the text.

Jesus ordered the disciples into the boat (Matt. 14:22)

You’ll note that Jesus told the disciples to get into the boat and cross over to the other side. The greek here can be translated “compelled” or “ordered”. Jesus knew He was sending them straight into a storm.

Lesson: If you are in a storm in your life right now, do not be so nieve to think that you are somehow outside the will of God or that you did something wrong. Jesus sent His disciples right into a storm and so there is no reason to think He doesn’t do the same today.

Jesus was not recognized when He approached (Matt. 14:26-27)

As He approached the boat, they didn’t recognize Him.

Lesson: It is possible that Jesus is coming to your assistance – make sure you recognize Him.

Jesus knows where we are when we are in trouble (Matt. 14:25)

Jesus walked on the water directly to the boat. He didn’t have to look for it.

Lesson: Jesus knows exactly where you are and what your problems are.

Jesus honors honest questions (Matt 14:28-29)

Jesus told them that it was Him when they didn’t recognize Him. The first thing out of Peter’s mouth, “Lord, if it is you… “. Jesus could have said “weren’t you even listening to what I just said”? Or “duh, who did you think it was”? But instead Jesus answered the question.

Lesson: Take your honest questions, doubts and fears to Jesus. He will not rebuke you for asking.

The storm stopped only after they got into the boat (Matt 14:32)

Jesus did not stop the storm until after He walked with Peter through it.

Lesson: Sometimes it is God’s will to immediately stop and cure your problems, but often He wants you to walk beside Him through them.

Questions: What do you do when you are in a “storm”? How cognizant of the above lessons are you when you are in a “storm”? What actions to you plan to take as a result of the lessons?

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