Dealing With the Unexpected

This is a guest post from John Fischer. John is an author, speaker, and musician. He is the author of several books, including, 12 Steps for the Recovering Pharisee (like me). You can sign up for the daily emails John sends out, free of charge, at The Catch, Connecting Life to Faith.

Everybody should be allowed at least one computer day a year. By that I mean a day you didn’t plan on losing to some form of technological breakdown in your high-tech arsenal of electronics necessary for twenty-first century communication.

Mine turned out to be six hours in the Apple store yesterday getting Marti’s iPhone to sync with her calendar and contacts. Forrest, Michael, Mandy and I are all on a first name basis now, and given how hard they worked to try and help me, I have no complaints in their regard. I understand this is part of the nature of the beast. Six hours. And I had Chandler with me as well. In fact, it started out as a one-on-one session with Chandler to help him get the most out of his computer, and the poor guy never got his shot. I never would have made it as far as I did if they didn’t have video games he could play in the store.

How did I do? Well I definitely could have done better. I could have seized the opportunity to find out what this experience was all about. Instead of fighting it I could have gone with it and looked for what meaning I could find in the futility, and gain through what appeared to be a random sequence of malfunctions. I could have asked, “God, what do you have me here for right now?” (There’s nothing random with God.)

I’m writing about this so that those of you who might be going through a similar experience might think to ask God the question, “what do you have me here for right now?” Actually, we could all stand to ask ourselves this question many times a day.

What do you think God is doing in your life at this moment in time?

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