The self-help industry is a lie. The gurus that dispense their advice on the 5 steps for this, the 7 steps for that are snake oil salesmen.

Part of the attraction of the self-help industry is the myth that we can control things. It’s a lie. Only God has ultimate control.

If self-help books (including and especially the Christian ones that fill most of the Christian bookstores) worked, there would be no more written – there wouldn’t have to be, because the one that worked would have solved all the problems.

Think about that a bit before you go out and buy the latest “how-to” book. 

Then save your money and relax. 

Don’t go buy those books – they will lie to you and make you feel like crap when you fail.

If you and I could be “fixed” God would have sent a book or CD, not his Son.

It is finished.

Jesus said: “Come unto me all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” He meant it.

Now let me give you a quote from my friend Steve Brown:

“Almost everything we’ve been taught to do and think is not only wrong, it only makes it worse. Trying harder doesn’t work. You should know that by now. Becoming more religious will only magnify the problem. Being disciplined and making a commitment will, more often than not, cause you to “hit the rocks of reality”; and your efforts, in the end, will turn to dust. PRETENDING IS STUPID. At some point, you will slip up and be shamed. And reading the latest book on making an impact, changing your world, or being driven by a purpose (as good as those things can be) will probably drive you nuts. You will only feel guiltier. Motivational advice, biblical directives, challenges, and resolutions are dogs that simply won’t hunt anymore.” — Steve Brown


Question: Why do you think we are attracted to self-help? Now that you know the truth, what will you do?


I’ve often said, “you don’t have to BE a new creation, you ARE a new creation”. Well, as well, you are not what you do, you are what Jesus has done for you.


If you’ve made a mistake, you don’t need to argue for your own righteousness. The Gospel frees you from having to bear the burden of defending yourself. Christ took the stand in the courtroom and declared you innocent!

Paul Tripp

Throw Caution to the Wind

Understanding the Gospel, especially God’s grace, provides several benefits. Knowing that you are loved no matter what if you belong to Him, knowing that though He might discipline you, He will never be punitively angry at you (He already did that to His Son at the cross) is indeed is a deep well to drink from for all of us who live in a performance oriented world.

I was contemplating these benefits and thought I would list a few, after the jump.